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ImageRex Lefevebre is a small-time scam artist in the New York art scene. Rex doesn’t only play with fake paintings, he plays with the hearts of the artists who do his dirty work. When two of his ex-lovers, Terri Pack and Savannah Honeywell, team up for revenge, Rex is already on the run. Then he discovers that one of his hot paintings may be real and worth $30 million, and he must stay one step ahead of a private detective, the police, and several shady associates who all want a piece of the action. Written by award-winning novelist and screenwriter Scott Nicholson.
Reviews for Scott Nicholson’s THEY HUNGER:
"This vampiric ‘Deliverance’ moves quickly and assuredly, offering some fine scares along the way."
"Supernatural entertainment in the more rambunctious American style of Stephen King." 
ImageWritten by award-winning author Scott Nicholson and based on his supernatural thriller novel, THE MANOR is a haunted house story that explores the risk of suffering for art. Combining elements that made THE HAUNTING and HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL into horror classics, it also taps a love story, Appalachian folk magic, the power of the creative spirit and the obsessions that drive artists to the point of utter madness. In the remote Appalachian Mountains of South Carolina, artists gather at the historic Korban Manor for a retreat. Sculptor Mason Jackson makes his last bid for success and finds himself driven to carve a life-sized wooden statue of the late Ephram Korban, the man who built the manor. Anna Galloway, a psychic who is dying of cancer, has come to the manor to find proof of the supernatural before she dies. As the artists become increasingly obsessed with Ephram Korban, their work brings Korban’s spirit to life. This spirit invades Mason’s statue and, with Anna’s help, Mason is driven to destroy his masterpiece before Korban makes himself at home for good.

ImageWritten by Clyde Hayes (Academy Award-winner Robert Altman’s THE GINGERBREAD MAN), SEA OF CORTEZ is a modern thriller feature project much in the vein of Billy Wilder’s classic DOUBLE INDEMNITY, Lawrence Kasdan's BODY HEAT and MGM’s THE POSTMAN ALWAYS RINGS TWICE. Life-worn dive-master-with-a-dark-past Reed Stokes gets more than he bargained for when he rescues gorgeous tourist Danielle Dall during an underwater excursion on the island of paradise, Trinidad. Double-crosses, high deceit, danger and dead husbands pile up in this tropical neo-noir trip near the sea. Producer Vince Cirrincione (Emmy Award-winning INTRODUCING DOROTHY DANDRIDGE) is also joining INEVITABLE FILM GROUP on this project. The production of SEA OF CORTEZ will begin in January of 2016.
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