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A principal producing partner and co-founder of Inevitable Film Group and Hazmat Pictures of Los Angeles, California, Stephen is currently developing Pulitzer Prize-winning and Academy Award-nominee David Mamet's road comedy feature film APPLE SEED, as well as ROCKET MEN, written and to be directed by Clyde Hayes (Robert Altman’s THE GINGERBREAD MAN). 

Stephen grew up in the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area and attended The Johns Hopkins University and The Maryland Institute, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in fine arts and art history.

As an actor, Stephen has performed in such national network television shows as CBS's NCIS: LOS ANGELES, CBS’s THE DISTRICT, NBC’s AMERICAN DREAMS, Paramount’s STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE, ABC’s JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE and the double primetime Emmy Award-nominated History Channel special BEYOND THE DAVINCI CODE. He has also performed in such feature films as 20th Century Fox’s COLOR OF THE CROSS; the controversial true crime thriller CHAOS; and HOPE RANCH, starring Emmy Award-nominee Barry Corbin. 

Stephen co-wrote the screenplay for the first installment of the successful horror feature motion picture franchise SCARECROW. He has also written several other feature length screenplays and television series pilots. He has also written and directed several television commercials and music videos - such as Billboard Magazine chart-topping dance artist Fawn and spin-off of the Grammy Award-winning pop band Berlin, Celebutante - which have aired internationally on MTV Europe, MTV2 and the LOGO Channel in the U.S. 

Stephen is also a visual artist and has exhibited his work in several galleries throughout New York City and Baltimore, MD.

He works and has lived in the greater Los Angles are for over a decade.



Ron Farber has recently become a feature motion picture producer by joining forces with producer Stephen Wozniak to form INEVITABLE FILM GROUP.

He is also the visionary CEO of FIVESTAR BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, a leading information technology support and business solutions company based in Beverly Hills, California. His clients have ranged from individual technology users to large, prolific Fortune 500 corporations.

Ron began his entry into the world of computer technology over two decades ago. He attended the Sound Master Recording Institute in Los Angeles, working professionally with legendary recording industry veteran Brian D. Ingoldsby, producer to Elton John, Mick Jagger, Olivia Newton-John and Frank Zappa.

He then entered the furniture manufacturing industry. After increasing the gross annual income from one to multiple millions of dollars in less than a year for THE CHAIR FACTORY, Ron became the president of that very same company, which became DESIGNER’S DREAM. Restless with the furniture business, Ron sold off his share in 2001 to a partner in order to move in the direction that would lead him to FIVESTAR BUSINESS SOLUTIONS.

His next step was a significant one that helped Ron to bridge what then were the two fundamentally different fields of business and technology into one. Ron led the way, with his company ZAI COMMUNICATIONS, in the early 1990’s, by beginning one of the very first of what we know today as the I.S.P. or internet service provider (the other was world-renowned EarthLink). He set up websites for a multitude of important local city government bodies in Southern California. These websites eventually became home base for many of these organizations and companies. And this was just the beginning.

Ron soon after created FIVESTAR I.T., which eventually grew into FIVESTAR BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, by the mid-1990’s, the company that he still owns today.

Alongside the operation of FIVESTAR, Ron has written and published dozens of technology-related articles for such prestigious magazines as BEL-AIR VIEW, BRENTWOOD NEWS, MALIBU BEACH and SANTA MONICA SUN, among others. As a leading technology guru and successful businessman, Ron has also professionally interviewed members of his fields for research and publication.

Ron lives and works in Beverly Hills and has been a resident of Southern California his entire life. 




Current IFG Projects


ImageA video store clerk enlists a band of slackers to storm a mall after his girlfriend goes missing only to discover a bloodthirsty cult underneath.

In the vein of SHAUN OF THE DEAD and ZOMBIELAND the script is best described as SUPERBAD meets GRINDHOUSE. LOCKED IN THE MALL is a throwback to the horror films of the 80s.








Image The jets are burning bright again for Hollywood screenwriter Clyde Hayes (Academy Award-winner Robert Altman's THE GINGERBREAD MAN), who has joined up with producing  partners Stephen Wozniak and Ron Farber of INEVITABLE FILM GROUP for his next true crime dark comedy  feature film ROCKET MEN, which he will also direct.
Based on real events, ROCKET MEN tells the story of a group of smalltime con men who converge on a house in the San Fernando Valley to pursue a prototype rocketbelt in order to achieve their dreams of personal flight, public recognition and a great deal of money. ROCKET MEN was initially written as a stage play and directed by Hayes in Los Angeles in early 2007. ROCKET MEN, the feature film project, is currently in pre-production. Producer Vince Cirrincione (Emmy Award-winning INTRODUCING DOROTHY DANDRIDGE) is also joining the project.  



ImageToo many parties, too many women and too much booze have led Prince McCoy to an epiphany: hit the road, rob a bank and go out in a blaze of glory. But he crosses paths with a sympathetic old-timer named Carl who shows Prince some of the simpler and more wonderful things that make life sweet before we die. Conflicted, but driven, Prince races off to Apple Seed, Texas to rob the small town’s bank when he realizes that Carl may have already beat him to the punch!

David Mamet is the American Pulitzer Prize-winning and Academy Award nominated screenwriter who will be producing this high concept buddy comedy along with the IFG team of Ron Farber and Stephen Wozniak.

It’s TWO LANE BLACKTOP meets RAIN MAN in the comedy feature motion picture APPLE SEED.



Channeling Biker Bob Based on the novel of the same title by Nik C. Colyer, this poignant comedy takes us inside of the psyche of Stewart Chance, a bewildered “new age” man-of-today who can't figure out why his sensitivity is neither adored by his wife, nor fulfilling to his own sense of manhood. In a delightfully raucous manner, Stewart finds transformation through a charismatic yet irreverent Harley Davidson motorcycle-riding spirit named Biker Bob. Mix the playfulness of the box-office hit comedy feature WILD HOGS with the intensity of the critically-acclaimed drama PEACEFUL WARRIOR, add a little punch of Bogart toughness and CHANNELING BIKER BOB emerges as a milestone for our emasculated civilization along an open road of laughs.

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